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Olivia Austin

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Sleek, fierce, and an avowed maneater, Olivia Austin is a cougar who needs to be on your radar. This glamorous blonde has always been happiest when she's the center of attention, performing as a singer, dancer, and actress or up on the stage showing her flawless body in fitness and bikini competitions, but there was one side of herself Olivia didn't share in public...her inner freak! This beauty has always secretly loved talking dirty and hard fucking, but even when she was modeling nearly nude, she felt like she couldn't show just what a nasty gal she was. At least, not until she finally made the decision to film her first porn scene at age 28. "One day, I decided I was tired of hiding it. I was going to do whatever the fuck I wanted. I love having sex and I love to perform and act. Literally after my first scene, I said, 'This is what I'm supposed to be doing!'" This MILF with the big tits and ass sometimes wishes she hadn't waited so long, but Olivia is thrilled to finally be doing what she's meant to. Check out Olivia now to see why she's ready to eat you alive.

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